Frequently Asked Questions

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All artists are unable to answer questions over the phone, if you have a price quote and are coming in from out of town, email a picture of the tattoo you are asking questions about and someone will return with info on your tattoo questions. If you live in driving distance, feel free to come in and ask all the question you like and see all the talented artists’ portfolios. Email all questions by clicking on the box above and the question will be forwarded to an artist to help you.

Some tattoo studios are offering piercing for $20 every day. We offer that price on certain days only. The reason we can do this is the volume of piercings done that day affords us to give our loyal customers a break on price. The other “shops” that do this every day have to be doing 30 or more piercings every day to make profit. This is just not probable, so they are going to be forced to cut corners somewhere in the procedure to make a profit. Ask yourself, do you want someone cutting corners with your health and safety to save a few dollars? All of our piercing is performed by talented artists with years of training – not just someone starting out. And prices are STILL reasonable.

Tattoos are more than just the pattern on the wall. You may see that several studios have the same picture you want on the wall and that there is a different price quoted to you. Why, you might ask? When you buy a tattoo, or piercing for that matter, you are buying the way the artist will put it on your body, not the actual picture. This involves his/her experience, the products he/she will use in doing your tattoo, how your tattoo heals, etc…

So, when you’re choosing a Texas tattoo studio, there are several things to take into consideration.

  • How long has this studio been in business?
  • Are they just opening, or changing names as so many do?
  • Do they just get business through lots of advertising or return satisfied customers? A real art form needs no yellow pages…
  • Maybe most important though, think ahead if you want a great piece of artwork on you or just something close to the picture you chose off the wall that is going to be on your body permanently…
If you only bought one pair of jeans, you would spend as much as you could afford to make sure they lasted, right…

Also, all of our artists here can draw you custom artwork as per your ideas. We all love doing something custom on a client, sometimes this does require a day or so drawing time and an appointment will have to be made to get your custom tattoo after the drawing is to your approval.