Billy Jo Shedd


Billy Jo Shedd:

My name is Billy, for sale although I prefer to go by “BJ”. I owned my own studio in Idaho Falls, Idaho (Atlas Tattoo) for seven years after completing a two-year professional apprenticeship beforehand under an artist (Christian Buckingham) you might have heard of from the tv series Ink Master.

In July 2015 I shut the doors on my studio, rooted up my family and relocated here to Texas to be a part of the world renowned Psycho Clown Tattoo crew/family. I love the interaction with all the local client base here, I’ve met a lot of great people and have already done a lot of existing art pieces. I love doing custom tattoos, I would say my portfolio reflects my personal style best. If you would be interested in setting up a consult time, please text 6823651277 mention that you were looking to book time with me and I will get you my first available opening. I’m available Wednesday through Sundays regular business hours, although if I cannot fit you in somewhere, I might be able to get you in on an unscheduled day.

Come on out and see me at Psycho Clown Tattoo 1307 NW 28th Street Fort Worth TX 76164 anytime, I love meeting all the new people here in Texas and talking over new ideas.